Health Extracts CEO Duke Pitts, Recently Featured in Forbes

“Be in relentless pursuit of what makes your products unique,” says Duke Pitts, CEO of Healthy Extracts, Inc. “For us, that means acquiring brands to our portfolio that meet a strict number of requirements, including unique ingredients, clinical trials, and innovative delivery systems.”

Influencers Are Partnering With Healthy Extracts, Inc. to Build Their Own Brands

Their first influencer collaboration is with fitness expert and cover model, Whitney Johns. “We want this program to truly empower our influencer partners to realize their dreams of building research-backed products, and we want them to invite their audiences to iterate on those products. It’s the best way to tap into the market’s wants and needs,” says Pitts.

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About Healthy Extracts

Healthy Extracts Inc. is a platform for developing or acquiring science-based, research proven plant-based proprietary products in select high-growth categories within the multibillion-dollar nutraceuticals market.

The company’s subsidiaries, BergametNA™ and Ultimate Brain Nutrients™ (UBN), offer nutraceutical natural heart and brain health supplements. This includes the only heart health supplement containing Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™. This superfruit is known to have the highest quality and concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, and with healthy heart benefits backed by reseach studies.

UBN KETONOMICS® proprietary formulations have been clinically shown to improve brain health, including memory, cognition, focus and neuro-energy. UBN is pursuing intellectual property license opportunities for monetizing its IP portfolio of multiple issued and pending patents.

Healthy Extracts Brands

What Drives Us?

Our consumer-investor trust is built and driven by our core values and commitment to innovative heart and brain health products:

Innovation, Integrity, and  Sustainability

The Bergamet NA™ Brand

The BergaMet NA brand is well-positioned for growth throughout North America with its proprietary 47% BPF formulations developed for support.

Ultimate Brain Nutrients™

UBN™ subsidiary, with its KETONOMICS® proprietary formulation, is well-aligned with Healthy Extracts, Inc., corporate strategy to provide better lifestyles through superior health technology.

KETONOMICS® Proprietary

KETONOMICS® is scientific research that focuses on the field of brain and physiological metabolism which provides proprietary market positions.

UBN™ Unique Formulation

UBN™ has two patents issued and multiple pending applications on its proprietary F4T® formulations. – targeting brain activity, focus, headache and cognitive behavior. These patents provide protection for proprietary formulas.

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