Fuel4Thought™ proprietary formulation pilot study reduced the number of Migraine episodes by 39% and the average duration by 61%

LAS VEGAS, NV — Jan 13, 2020 – via (XXX)Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTCQB: GRCK) – (soon to be Healthy Extracts Inc. pending a corporate name change), a company engaged in proprietary development of natural plant-based formulations as well as sales and distribution of cardiovascular and neuro products, is pleased to announce its subsidiary, Ultimate Brain Nutrients™, (UBN) demonstrated exceptional results from its pilot Migraine study† for its proprietary Fuel4Thought™ (F4T™) formulation.


“We all know someone who suffers from Migraines with over 40 million people affected in just the United States” stated Duke Pitts, President. “This pilot study shows that the F4T™ formulation could provide a natural non-prescription alternative that is totally unique in today’s marketplace and will join our current F4T™ Brain Booster in 2021. These two products will be a significant part of attaining our sales goals in the future.”


The investigators, Robert Firger former Professor at University of Connecticut, Neil Wolkodoff PhD, and Gerald Haase MD, were pleased with the significant results. The pilot study showed a reduction of episodes by 39%, duration by 61%, days lost due to migraine by 60%, and a combined measure of other symptoms decreased by an average of 32%.


Robert Firger, medium chain triglyceride researcher and co-developer of the study product, stated “This ultimate version of our migraine formulation was developed over several years and based on validated scientific principles and extensive investigation. Benefits for a number of neurological and cognitive issues were previously documented so while the encouraging outcome from this initial trial was not totally a surprise, the magnitude of the positive effects was very gratifying.”


Lead author, Dr. Neil Wolkodoff, added “During this global pandemic, we were successfully able to modify migraine evaluation instruments into a hybrid format that could be utilized electronically at a distance for the safety of the subjects as well as the research team. It was also critical to have this study peer-reviewed by medical experts and achieving the important goal of having it published in a prestigious scientific journal such as The World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews was key from the credibility standpoint.”


†Full Published Details of the Pilot Study

This background experience provided the platform from which we developed a definitive longer term, randomized, prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial design to be initiated early in 2021 in a larger group of migraine sufferers.”


UBN has two patents issued and three pending on its proprietary formulations. UBN’s products have been 20 years in development with 90 iterations and is supported by 85 clinical studies of its three main ingredients. In addition, UBN has filed for an application to the US Food and Drug Administration to make Qualified Health Claims for its migraine formulation.


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Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTCQB: GRCK) – (name change pending to Healthy Extracts Inc.), through its two subsidiaries, BergaMet NA and Ultimate Brain Nutrients (“UBN”), is engaged in proprietary research and development of natural plant-based formulations, as well as sales and distribution of natural ingredient cardiovascular and neuro products. For more information, visit the company’s websites:

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Grey Cloak’s Ultimate Brain Nutrients (UBN) subsidiary is a science-based company that develops unique, plant-based superior health technology neuro-products that improve brain health, including memory, cognition, focus and neuro-energy. UBN’s KETONOMICS® proprietary formulations – targeting brain activity, headache, and cognitive behavior – provide multiple intellectual property license opportunities for monetizing the company’s portfolio. License opportunities include multiple beverage formats, individual products, proprietary mixtures and other food platforms. UBN has five unique formulation patents – two issued and three pending. Learn more at www.ubnutrients.com.


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BergaMet NA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Grey Cloak Technologies (OTCQB: GRCK), is a provider of nutraceutical natural heart health supplements. Based in Nevada, BergaMet researches and develops proprietary, natural, plant-based formulations. BergaMet also provides sales and distribution of natural neuro products that feature superior health technologies based on clinical and doctor supported evidence for maintaining a healthy immune system and improving metabolic syndrome. Learn more at www.bergametna.com.


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