LAS VEGAS – Oct.6, 2020 – via NetworkWire – Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTC: GRCK – name change pending to Healthy Extracts Inc.), today announces that its BergaMet NA subsidiary has introduced BergaMet Clinical IMMUNE™, a concentrated nutraceutical supplement formulated with naturally grown, heart-healthy Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™, BetaVia™ Complete, and nine other powerful immune-boosting ingredients to create the No. 1 immune system defense for the body.

“We are excited to introduce Clinical IMMUNETM, a truly unique product among all the immune products available in the market today. Consumers would have to take up to 22 pills a day to accomplish what Clinical IMMUNETM does with just two pills. In addition, people could be spending up to $200 a month for the 11 key ingredients contained in Clinical IMMUNETM, all for under $40 a month,” commented Duke Pitts,  President of Grey Cloak Tech. “Clinical IMMUNETM is not only designed for today’s conditions but is incredible for enhancing immune defense against flu and colds. We believe Clinical IMMUNETM will become part of a daily health routine and one of our largest-selling products for years to come.” 

BergaMet Clinical IMMUNETM is clinical-strength, doctor recommended, contains natural ingredients and is GMO-free. It has been scientifically formulated to reduce upper respiratory symptoms, strengthen the body’s immune system, maintain blood sugar, blood pressure and a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as address infectious conditions. The product is further designed to combat the underlying conditions of metabolic syndrome, which is especially relevant in large cities where people are more exposed to hazardous air pollutants. All ingredients contained in the product are the highest grade, which can increase absorption or bioavailability.

Clinical IMMUNETM uniquely features two immune-building ingredients not found together in other supplements: Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit and BetaVia by Kemin®. (BetaVia is an algae-sourced beta glucan proven to provide year-round immune support). Based on a 90-day clinical trial, Kemin, the BetaVia ingredient, when compared to a placebo provided active male and female subjects ages 25-65 with the following results:

  • 70% fewer upper respiratory track symptoms.
  • 45 fewer upper respiratory episodes.
  • 10 fewer upper respiratory symptom days.
  • 3.3 fewer self-reported sick days.

“This revolutionary, comprehensive formulation uniquely combines 11 powerful key ingredients to address immune function,” said Dr. Gerald Haase, Chief Medical Advisor for BergaMet NA. “This proprietary complex has been in development over the past three years and is focused to combat today’s environmental realities with cost-effective and clinical-grade ingredients.”

Clinical IMMUNETM is currently being sold through,  Amazon, and select doctors in the United States.

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Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTC: GRCK – name change pending to Healthy Extracts Inc.), through its two subsidiaries, BergaMet NA and Ultimate Brain Nutrients (“UBN”), is engaged in proprietary research and development of natural plant-based formulations, as well as sales and distribution of natural ingredient cardiovascular and neuro products. For more information, visit the company’s websites:,,

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BergaMet NA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Grey Cloak Technologies (OTC: GRCK), is a provider of nutraceutical natural heart health supplements. Based in Nevada, BergaMet researches and develops proprietary, natural, plant-based formulations. BergaMet also provides sales and distribution of natural neuro products that feature superior health technologies based on clinical and doctor-supported evidence for maintaining a healthy immune system and improving the metabolic syndrome. Learn more at

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