Results from major clinical study of F4T™ will be presented at Annual Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine

Las Vegas, NV -(NewMediaWire) – May 14, 2020 – Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTC: GRCK) (the “Company”), engaged in proprietary development of natural plant-based formulations, sales and distribution of cardiovascular and neuro products, today introduces its proprietary F4T™ formulation, a natural ketogenic solution clinically proven to deliver metabolic energy to the brain to improve attention, cognition, memory and analytical and executive function.

Developed by Grey Cloak Tech’s Ultimate Brain Nutrients (“UBN”) subsidiary, F4T™ is the end-result of more than 40 iterations and several years of stringent development.

“I am excited to announce our proprietary F4T™ formulation, which will be the foundation for studies, products and IP in the near future,” stated Dr. Gerald Haase, chief medical officer of Grey Cloak Tech. “We will announce the results of a major clinical study of the formulation at the Annual Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine, taking place virtually in June. The results of this definitive study confirm the pilot data and demonstrate that F4T™ provides a dramatic increase in functional brain activation while improving audio and visual reaction time, perception span, object tracking and hand-eye coordination.”

UBN ( is a science-based company that formulates unique, plant-based superior health technology neuro-products that improve brain health, memory, cognition, focus and neuro-energy. F4T™ joins the company’s KETONOMICS® proprietary formulations which target brain activity, focus, headache and cognitive behavior. UBN has five unique formulation patents – one issued and four pending. License opportunities include multiple beverage formats, individual products, proprietary mixtures and other food platforms.

Grey Cloak Tech CEO Kevin “Duke” Pitts stated, “The proprietary F4T™ formulation is an exciting addition to our products portfolio. F4T™ will allow us to monetize IP as well as position products in the consumer market for long-term success. The F4T™ formulation joins all of our current products with conclusive clinical trials and/or studies that prove stated effectiveness. Our continued goals are to ‘Create Better Lifestyles with Superior Health Technology’ through our science-based products.”

About Grey Cloak Tech Inc. 

Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTC: GRCK), through its two subsidiaries, BergaMet NA and Ultimate Brain Nutrients, is engaged in proprietary research and development of natural plant-based formulations, as well as sales and distribution of natural ingredient cardiovascular and neuro products. For more information, visit the company’s websites: http://greycloaktech.com ,

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