Fuel4Thought™ Brain Booster provides astounding brain activation improvement of 49% with its revolutionary 2.5 oz formulation with Zero Caffeine, Zero Sugar and Zero Crash

LAS VEGAS, NV — Dec 8, 2020 – via (New Media Wire)Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTCQB: GRCK) – (soon to be Healthy Extracts Inc. pending a corporate name change), a company engaged in proprietary development of natural plant-based formulations as well as sales and distribution of cardiovascular and neuro products, is pleased to announce its subsidiary, Ultimate Brain Nutrients™, (UBN) has released its study of Fuel4Thought™ Brain Booster (F4T™) showing impressive results in brain activation, sports vision, hand to eye coordination and auditory reaction time.


Dr. Neil Wolkodoff and Dr. Gerald Haase presented the clinical study results for Fuel4Thought™ at the 2020 meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. This prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was completed at the Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science.†


Dr. James Rouse, Medical Advisory Board President and renowned Iron Man Triathlete said “Fuel4Thought™ is the varsity of brain nutrition. The brain represents just 2% of a person’s total body weight, but accounts for 20% of the body’s energy use. F4T™ Brain Booster provides the best nourishment possible without the negative ingredients of sugar and caffeine. It reduces inflammation in the brain, energizes the brain, sharpens focus, enhances memory, improves concentration, and increases productivity.


This published study shows that F4T™ improves brain activation energy by an astounding 49%, improves overall sports vision by 18%, improves auditory reaction time by 13%, and improves reaction time and hand eye coordination by 24%”.


Fuel4Thought™ is one of the main reasons we acquired Ultimate Brain Nutrients™” stated Duke Pitts, President. “ F4T™ Brain Booster is the first of three amazing products we will be introducing in the next year. UBN has two patents issued and three pending for its proprietary formulations. Brain Booster has been 20 years in development, 90 iterations and is supported by 85 clinical studies of its three-main ingredients. The results are improved memory, focus, mental drive, clarity, energy, and ketone benefits. F4T™ is a game changing supplement for maturing adults, students, athletes, gamers, business professionals, and many others who find themselves looking for natural healthy ways to improve cognition.”


F4T™ Brain Booster is effective for 8 hours. It is sold in a 2.5 fluid oz liquid shot and is currently available in a 7 or 28 pack. Limited quantites can be purchase exclusively at http://fuel4thought.com. Distribution will expand as additional inventory becomes available.

†Study completed by Neil E. Wolkodoff(1), Gerald M. Haase(2), and Joy Curry(3) consisted of 18 individuals ages 30-55 evaluated at baseline and after 30 days. Author affiliations: (1) Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science; Denver, CO. (2) University of Colorado, School of Medicine; Aurora, CO. (3) Denver Christian Schools, Department of Science; Denver, CO

About Grey Cloak Tech Inc.

Grey Cloak Tech Inc. (OTC: GRCK) name change pending to Healthy Extracts Inc.), through its two subsidiaries, BergaMet NA and Ultimate Brain Nutrients (“UBN”), is engaged in proprietary research and development of natural plant-based formulations, as well as sales and distribution of natural ingredient cardiovascular and neuro products. For more information, visit the company’s websites:

https://healthyextractsinc.com/, http://greycloaktech.com/,  https://bergametna.com/,  https://ubnutrients.com/


About Ultimate Brain Nutrients

Grey Cloak’s Ultimate Brain Nutrients (“UBN”) subsidiary is a science-based company that develops unique, plant-based superior health technology neuro-products that improve brain health, including memory, cognition, focus and neuro-energy. UBN’s KETONOMICS® proprietary formulations – targeting brain activity, focus, headache and cognitive behavior — provide multiple intellectual property license opportunities for monetizing the company’s portfolio. License opportunities include multiple beverage formats, individual products, proprietary mixtures and other food platforms. UBN has five unique formulation patents – two issued and three pending – targeting brain activity, memory, focus, headache and cognitive behavior. Learn more at https://ubnutrients.com/.


About BergaMet NA

BergaMet NA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Grey Cloak Technologies (OTC: GRCK), is a provider of nutraceutical natural heart health supplements. Based in Nevada, BergaMet researches and develops proprietary, natural, plant-based formulations. BergaMet also provides sales and distribution of natural neuro products that feature superior health technologies based on clinical and doctor supported evidence for maintaining a healthy immune system and improving metabolic syndrome. Learn more at https://bergametna.com.


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