By Neil Wolkodoff


Vaccinated or not, there are steps you can take to further guard your health while traveling.

Don’t assume where you stay is clean. Taking disinfectant wipes and hitting every hard surface that is typically touched is a good idea. Resorts and hotels are stepping up with better care, yet seven minutes of peace of mind is a good idea upon arrival. And, while you are at it, plane seats and controls if the airline does not offer wipes. What will kill a virus is not generally good for your skin, so whatever product you use in this regard, let it dry thoroughly before touching.

The research on vitamins and micronutrients demonstrates 10+ compounds help fight off respiratory infections like Covid and the flu. Many peer-reviewed studies showed radically decreased recovery time times if the individual did get a bug after consuming these compounds. If you want to piece together 10 different capsules of Bergamot, vitamin C, olive leaf, zinc, selenium, and more, that is quite a bit of suitcase space. However, a nifty product like Clinical Immune puts all the effective components in one pill twice per day, blending respiratory prevention with ease of travel. Probably a good idea to start on consumption for three to five days before your trip. Almost like a suitcase of oranges.

Keep a bit of distance and clean those paws. When going to places where you don’t know much about the other travelers or staff, err on the side of caution. When going out of high-traffic areas, consider wearing a mask. Even if not effective, it tells people you are concerned. Wash your hands before and after touching common surfaces, like stair railings or elevator buttons. The hand sanitizers with methanol damage your health and the environment, so look for one without that compound.


Clearly Filtered Bottle. Photo Creayly Filtered.

Drinking heavily treated water or contaminants when you’re traveling just doesn’t taste bad; it can also affect your health. While the treatment will likely negate some bacteria and micro-organisms, a vital issue is how it affects your gut microbiome. Any chemicals or treatments are going to counteract some of the positive gut functions, namely how you absorb nutrients. A few of the portable bottles with their own filters, like ClearlyFiltered, will take out the bad stuff as well as 270+ chemicals and other contaminants so your digestion can fully process food and bolster your health.

You can probably skip the UV wand over the hotel pillow because while UV light in the “C” wavelength does help to destroy germs and bacteria, the hand-held wands do not always provide the complete and effective light spectrum. Hospitals, for example, use robotic systems running all night to disinfect a room, not just a pass of a simple wand. That is powerful and complete in terms of the UV-C spectrum and hits the surfaces for a much longer time than you ever could with a small wand.

Neil Wolkodoff, PhD, is a Sports Scientist in Denver, Colorado who has worked with golfers over the last 15 years. During the rare free times, he travels to exotic golf destinations to see how golf, culture and local geography mix in different locales. He has penned articles for Colorado Avid Golfer, Golf Digest, and Golf Magazine. In his travels, he has golfed with royalty, tour professionals, the local duffer, and the occasional goat.

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